PilarBio Biotechnology

PilarBio (Jiangsu) CORP. established in 2012 and in line of plan for completion 2015, as the second production and synthesis base of Pilarquim Group to expand the product line and enhance our penetration in the industry with professional and technical supports from Pilarquim CORP. and JassBio (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In product development, PilarBio (Jiangsu) CORP. adheres to market-oriented by means of high-tech and constant innovation to improve economic benefit and promote healthy development and virtuous cycle. In addition, adaptation of advanced manufacturing skill helps PilarBio (Jiangsu) CORP. to economically develop technology for the purpose of increasing economic, social and environmental benefits.

PilarBio (Jiangsu) CORP. is located in Chemical Industry Park, Yangkou Economic Development Zone, Nantong, Jiangsu. The development of Chemical Industry Park is designed specifically with the function of production of pesticide and intermediate. The Industry Park not only act as a positive guide and full support to the agrichemical industry, it also indicates the bright prospect of PilarBio (Jiangsu) CORP.

In order to enhance corporate competitiveness and competencies, Pilarquim continues to develop innovative and high-technology production facilities, and persist on researches and innovations. Pilarquim promotes top quality pesticide products formulated with advanced surfactants and have successfully established wide and professional channels in China and 108 countries worldwide. Such advancement not only is environmentally friendly, cost effective in both usage reduction of pesticide man-power, but also comes as a great benefit to Chinese and World pesticide development. Pilarquim specializes and emphasizes on these innovations and pioneering products to accommodate fast growing demand of agricultural markets, as well as to bring to all Pilarquim partners more competitive edges.

All strategies Pilarquim Group makes aim to capture the opportunity of developing China as a base for global market expansion in the premise of optimizing the industrial structure from a point of market demand. Pilarquim Group has a sharp vision to invest in PilarBio (Jiangsu) CORP. to manufacture surfactants, synthetic essences, pesticide technical and formulation, bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, soil amendments, and other biotechnology related product research and developments.