2001 - ProAgros was Established in Shanghai Trading & Manufacturing Agricultural Materials Offer Agency Service, High-Quality Materials


With continuously opening of the market, agricultural business has become very competitive. In January 2001, ProAgros was invested by Pilarquim Corp. and founded in Shanghai, CHINA. It was established by a group of people specializing in importing, distributing and selling the agrochemicals, fertilizers, machineries, and other agricultural materials within the Chinese domestic market. We have already accumulated bounteous experiences in marketing, management and coordination. Our team has distributed products mainly from DuPont, AgrEvo and Nissan Chemicals in Taiwan. Therefore, we believe that with our professional experience and high quality world-renowned agricultural materials we can improve the farmer’s harvest in the Chinese agricultural market.


2005 - JV with SAI GuangZhou Co., Ltd Strategic Demand of Chinese Agricultural Market


In January 2005, ProAgros came into a joint-venture with Sumimit Agro GuangZhou Co., Ltd strategically and formed a whole-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation in Japan. The organization is separated into two entities to define its individual functions more clearly.

ProAgros is one of the derived entity which acts as a sole agent in the local market, it specializes in sourcing and representing potential products globally and introduce them into Chinese markets as a bridge.


2010 - Devoted Service to Chinese Agriculture Market Support by Pilarquim (Shanghai)


Chinese agricultural industry has flourished in the recent years due to government’s focus on agricultural policies.


In 2010, ProAgros focuses on the marketing and promotion of crop protection products, with PilarBio Group accumulation 50 years of service in the modernization of the Taiwanese agricultural industry and over 30 years of global trade advantage, along with Pilarquim (Shanghai) of production support and leading research and development, with JassBio of rich agrochemical surfactant experiences, forming a cohesive production and marketing chain in CHINA.


ProAgros has successfully transitioned to a domestically-focused development and service model. We are committed to advancing and refining agriculture, promoting green and eco-friendly agriculture for China, and provide the Chinese citizens with quality, efficient, and organic agriculture in a professional manner.


From new beginning, new height, With our business philosophy “ 3C -- create competitiveness to customers”, while eagerly promoting PilarBio Group’s market and sales, ProAgros at its core is about being green, safe, and organic all in the interest of the crop’s health. ProAgros and its strategic global network actively integrate high-quality domestic and international pesticides, biological agents, synergists, and other eco-friendly agricultural crop protection agents, establishing several diverse product lines. ProAgros is the future leaders of the agricultural industry.