Pilarquim Business Services

Latin America

Pilarquim has been present in LATAM for more than 35 years. Up to date Pilar has two main offices in Brazil and Mexico with full Commercial and Registration teams, as well as sales representative catering Central America, Andean and Mercosur regions.


Through sturdy investment and continuous development, Pilarquim has established strong reputation, brand image and position in Latin America. In high growth emerging market such as Brazil, which is the largest domestic agrticulture market, Pilarquim is gaining further market share through our high quality products with effective sales and marketing organizations.


Pilarquim is also growing in regions such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.



Pilarquim Europe has successfully obtained several technical equivalences approvals of active ingredients and have been supplying quality technical materials to support formulation of branded formulations in European market.


Pilarquim Europe continues to add to lines of products especially in herbicide sector and continues to grow progressively in the market of Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhastan.





With its tremendous growth potential, this economic region is one of the most important markets of the future.


Pilarquim Asia Pacific dedicates to offer not only agrochemicals, but we focus highly in the development of bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, soil amendments, and other biotechnology related product research and developments.




Africa/ Middle East

Pilarquim’s development in marketing has been almost 35 years, our office officially started operation in 2009.


Today Pilarquim products are distributed throughout the continent. With the increasingly stringent registration regulation in Africa followed with trails of European regulations, Pilarquim Africa continuous to work hard to develop our product portfolio, with representations and distributors across North and South Africa.


Pilarquim also incessantly work on the building of market share and penetration with our branded products in Middle East countries acting as the connection of European and Fast Eastern countries and ASEAN markets.