Tolling and Packing Services

A New Formulation Plant for Toll

Some customers are sourcing a qualified toll manufacturing plant in order to reduce their production cost and increase their capacity effectiveness. To fulfill our customer's needs, Pilarquim (Shanghai) ceaselessly modernize equipment and facilities at our formulation plant to offer all kinds of toll manufacturing services.


For chemical product development, we make studies in creative synthesis & application method and formula. Our R&D team constantly proposes solutions to ensure meeting the demands of our customers by providing cost-effective customized service in time.


Customized Packing





Iron Drum

Capacity: 20-25 L, 200 L (53 gallons)

Material outside: Iron

Material inside: PE coating

Open mouthed/narrow mouthed HDPE Drum

Capacity: 200L

Material: HDPE


Aluminium Bottle

Capacity: 100ML, 250ML, 500ML and 1L.

Material: Aluminium


Medium-Size can

Capacity: 10 L ,20 L

Material: HDPE


PP Woven Bag

Capacity: 20 KG and 25 KG.

Material: PP Woven (1 layer of PP woven bag with 1 liner of PE)


Paper Bag

Capacity: 20 KG and 25 KG.

Material: Paper (3 layers of paper with 1 liner of PE)


Coex/HDPE Bottle/Can

Capacity: 100 ML, 250ML, 500 ML, 1 L, 2 L, 4 L. and 5 L

Material: Coex or HDPE



Capacity: 100 ML*100BTL, 250ML*40BTL, 500 ML*20BTL, 1 L*20BTL and 5 L*4BTL

For: Coex/HDPE/Aluminium Bottle/Can/Bag.


Aluminium Bag

Capacity: 5 G, 50 G,60 G, 100 G, 250 G, 500 G, 1 KG

Material: Aluminium


Fiber Drum

Capacity: 25 KG, 40 KG and 50 KG

Material: Paper fiber