Established in 2000, JassBio is mainly engaged in the promotion and technical service of the agrochemical product adjuvant of Japan Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. in mainland China. Leveraging the group company‘s extensive experience in the pesticide industry, advanced management practices, and convenient international information channels, Jass Biotech introduces Japan’s advanced processing technology and high-performance products into China. We assist domestic industry peers in extending product lifecycles, improving product quality, and expanding into international markets. Our products can be widely used in SC, FS, WDG/WP, CS, ZC, EW, ME, DF, EC, JG, SL and other formulation types, as well as tank mixtures.
Jassbio: Empowering Agrochemicals


Key Dispersant and Emulsifier for SC formulations:3 products 

YUS-FS3000: Phosphate-based (Potassium salt YUS-FS3500 for EPA requirements)

YUS-FS7PG:  Sulfate-based.

JS41M: Benzenesulfonate-based.

Key auxiliary adjuvants: 4 products 

YUS-TXC   - Benzenesulfonate-based.

YUS-FS1   - Ethoxylates -based.

YUS-5050PB   - Block polyether.

YUS-CH7000   - Carboxylates-based.

Special auxiliary adjuvants

YUS-A51G: Sulfonate-based (Function: Reduce viscosity and improve sand milling efficiency, dosage 0.2~1%).

PICO-PEP52: (Inhibit foaming without affecting the stability of the formulation, dosage 0.5%~1%).

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