Trust in Every Test

Assured by Pilarcise

Trust in Every Test, Assured by Pilarcise

To ensure product quality, Pularcise testing laboratory was established in 1997, simultaneously when the factory was establised.

Pilarcise provides comprehensive testing services and technical support for the whole life cycle of pesticide products, including product registration studies, quality control of raw materials, quality tracking of online products, release of finished product, and technical services for products in the market.

The laboratory follows various quality management systems such as OECD & Ministry of Agriculture GLP, CNAS 17025, ISO 9001 and others.

Pilarcise is authorized to provide the following services according to the different registration needs of domestic and foreign clients:

GLP physical and chemical properties testing

CNAS 17025 Service

GLP 5-B analysis (total component analysis)

Third-party quality control services for shipment

Providing pesticide residue analysis of various types of agricultural products, Chinese herbal medicines, and the environment

Testing Services

        Beijing Mirrosyn Agrochemical Testing Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2014, is an agricultural science and technology service company located in the Life Science Park of Changping District, Beijing. The company specializes in agricultural product safety assessment, agricultural product analysis, and testing services based on instrument analysis and risk assessment. In 2019, we obtained the certificate for a pesticide registration test unit, covering crop residue testing (indoor and field trials).

Our Advantages

  • Crop Residue Testing

We offer residue testing reports, storage stability reports, method validation reports, dietary risk assessment reports, etc.

  • Detection and Analysis of Pesticide Residues

Analysis and detection of pesticide residues, primarily in various agricultural products and agricultural environments.

  • Consultation Services

Consultation services related to agricultural product safety, including pesticide residues and risk assessment in the agricultural field.

Testing Services

Myrrosyn currently holds the qualification of a pesticide registration test unit recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture (crop residue testing). The company also has its own field trial base, allowing it to undertake both GLP field trials and in-house testing projects simultaneously.

The company adheres to the principle of "quality first," prioritizing people and dedicating itself to building an outstanding team with top-notch management, excellent technical skills, and superior service. The goal is to provide customers with accurate, scientific, and reliable test data.


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