Corporate Culture


To be one of the best agrochemical enterprises in the world.


Continuously Innovate for Quality Harvest


for Quality Harvest...

Brand Essence

Courtesy and Honesty, Social Commitment

Live and Let Live, All-win Harmony

Professionalism, Innovation, Leadership, Assurance, Reliability

Core Values

Core Values

Innovation Driven



Customer Centric

Teamwork Based

Employee Centered

"Do our best in making pesticides, at least be worthy of our time and effort."

Foster a culture of gratitude, which in turn will foster a culture of care, inclusivity, and responsibility.

Co-entrepreneurial "Amoeba" management mechanism;

Incentive system linked to profitability and profit results;

Gratitude Culture
Performance Culture
Craftsmanship Spirit
Entrepreneurial Spirit

Integrity, Visionary, Diligence, Professionalism

These are the criteria for selecting and training outstanding talents.