PilarBio is dedicated "To be one of the best agrochemical enterprises in the world." We are equipped with various innovative formulations such as CS, ZC, DF, OF, and state-of-the-art nanomaterial production facilities, the company's technical and operational teams are professional, efficient, and proactive. Our production basses not only supports the rapid development of the company, but also provides OEM/ODM and warehousing services for numerous leading multinational companies globally. PilarBio is your reliable choice for OEM/ODM services!
Shanghai Factory

The production base in Shanghai is located in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. With a long history, the company has maintained a solid reputation for product quality in the global market for decades. The products are distributed in over 100 countries and regions across five continents.

3. Various Formulation Licenses, Ensuring Production Efficiency

Our Shanghai factory has production licenses for a variety of formulations, including CS, ZC, OF, WG, and other formulations. We also have equipments for the production of nano-formulations. We can provide OEM/ODM production services and customized processing services bases on customer needs.

2. Value-Added Innovative Services to Enhance Competitive Advantage

Our company can provide a consignment-to-delivery operating service for foreign trade customers. This ensures that customers can obtain warehousing service at a lower cost.

1. Abundant Production Experience, First-class Quality Control

Our Shanghai factory has accumulated extensive experience in the production of foreign trade products and provides OEM services for multinational companies. The operational efficiency and quality control standards at the facility have gained widespread recognition and appreciation from customers.

1. Comprehensive Formulation Licenses, Advanced Production Equipment

The factory holds production licenses for 19 types of pesticide formulations and boasts a total of 52 intelligent production lines to meet production demands.

2. Cost-effective and Worry-free Services

Our factory has 5 fully automatic packaging container production lines, providing high-quality HDPE and EVOH packaging services for customers in a variety of sizes from 50ml to 20L. We can also handle export performance testing, helping our customers to improve their overall competitive advantage in terms of product efficiency, cost, quality, and brand.

3. Continuous Improvement for Collaboration

Our factory operation team has extensive experience in collaborating with leading companies in domestic and global markets. We provide high-quality OEM/ODM services, including development, testing, assembly, design, planning, procurement, production, and logistics.

Jiangsu Factory

Jiangsu production base is located in Huai'an, covering an area of 11.2 hectares. The base is equipped with advanced automated production lines, experimental facilities, and analytical testing equipment. Our microcapsule production technology, technical level, production capacity, and market share are all leading in the industry. We are committed to becoming the most professional supplier of agricultural microcapsule product R&D and production in China.