Pilarcore is a unique technology adopted by PilarBio in the production of microcapsule products. Pilarquim’s Pilarcore products show excellentparticle size distribution, conforming to the optimal particle size for biological ingestion, and ensuring their effective surface area on crops or pests.

Seed dressings are usually formulated with two to three active ingredients. According to the characteristics of diseases and pests encountered during seed germination period, different active ingredients are formulated into traditional and microcapsule formulations before being compounded. When used, the seed coating agent and Pilarcore® technology products in the seed dressing provide double-layer protection for the seeds through the film-forming agent and the secondary film-forming technology.

After application, 50%-60% of the active ingredients will be released rapidly within 3-5 days. The other 60%-80% will be released between 6 and 30 days, with the remaining being released completely over 35 days or even longer. The release curve of the active ingredient presents a step-like pattern, ensuring both the rapid efficacy of the product and significantly extending its duration of action.

The pesticide quickly forms a layer of pesticide film on the crop surface when being applied, composed of active ingredients and microcapsules, which immediately takes effect. Later, when encountering moisture, dew, rainwater and other water replenishment, the active ingredients released from the microcapsules can form a preventive and curative film again, thus extending the duration of the pesticide effect.

Encapsulated pre-emergence herbicides can form a layer containing the drug on the soil surface after application. Due to the use of controlled-release technology, the microcapsules continuously release active ingredients, which can wait for weed emergence for a longer period of time and control the necessary path for weed bud emergence.

Four Core Technologies

Environmental Protection

Pilarcore® technology products use "Polymeric Organic Nitrogen" and "Deep-sea Blue Algae Protein" as capsule wall material, which has excellent absorbability and degradability, and is more friendly to the environment. After the wall material decomposes, it becomes nutrients that can be absorbed by crops, and have a promoting effect on the healthy growth of crops.


Due to the four unique technologies of Pilarcore® technology, under the same control effect, not only the total amount of active ingredients applied per application is reduced, but also the application interval of insecticides and fungicides is extended, and the number of applications is reduced. This greatly reduces the amount of pesticides used, and at the same time reduces the cost of agricultural materials and labor intensity.


The unique performance of Pilarcore® technology reduces the acute contact risk to humans and animals by encapsulating the active ingredients of pesticides with high-polymer wall materials, reducing the amount of contact.The slow release of active ingredients also reduces the risk of certain ingredients causing phytotoxicity on certain crops.


The capsule wall of microcapsules provides better protection for the active ingredients, greatly enhancing their resistance to photolysis and soil microbial degradation, and improving the stability of the active ingredients of pesticides in complex environments.The compatibility with other active ingredients and formulated pesticides is also improved.

Extended Duration

The active ingredients of pesticides are less affected by the external environment due to the protective effect of the capsule wall.The stepped-release technology prolongs the release time of pesticides.Under the dual effects of the protective effect of high-polymer wall materials and the slow release of active ingredients, the duration of the product is greatly extended.