PilarBio Talent Concept

Well-rounded Training System

Departmental Training Resources:

Each department regularly provides professional training resources to help new employees learn about their department's responsibilities, processes, and tools, so that they can quickly integrate into their work.

Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation System:

A complete monthly assessment and evaluation mechanism regularly evaluates new employees' learning progress and work performance, identifies problems, and makes timely improvements to accelerate growth.

Mentorship Program:

Experienced employees are introduced as mentors for new employees to help them answer questions, share experience, provide practical guidance, and promote the learning and growth of new employees.

Team Building:

New employees are encouraged to socialize with colleagues, participate in team activities, enhance communication and cohesion between employees, and promote team collaboration and work efficiency.

Public Courses:

Public courses are provided for new employees to introduce the company as a whole, including corporate culture, values, and management systems, so that they have a comprehensive understanding of the company.

Seed Project

      Welcome to join PilarBio Group! We believe that every employee is a seed with unlimited potential. The "Seed Project" is designed to provide comprehensive training for new employees, covering key areas, including entry-level and professional-level courses. Through these training sessions, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, laying a solid foundation for future work, and opening the door to your professional development. The "Seed Project" is not just a training initiative but also a platform for communication, learning, and growth. We encourage and support you to engage in deep and extensive interactions with mentors and senior colleagues, share experiences and perspectives, and accelerate your growth within the company!