Pilarquim set to take Southeast Asian markets by storm
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Today, Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most dynamic and potential regions, where abundant natural and human resources have provided favorable conditions for economic development, which follows an agricultural pattern based on monsoon paddy agriculture and tropical plantation. 


Southeast Asia is China's southern neighbor, and has been the country's gateway to the world since ancient times. Due to its superior climate and environment, dense population, convenient transportation, and similar culture, Southeast Asia has been deemed by Pilarquim as a key region for development of international market. 

Furthermore, with the implementation of China's Belt and Road Initiative and related policies, Southeast Asian countries have become a hub and platform for Pilarquim to develop its South Asian market.


Ready to take-off


Pilarquim landed in Southeast Asian market back in the 1990s. It was followed by a large number of granted product registrations and market promotion activities early in this century. At present, Pilarquim’s product portfolio, including glyphosate, chlorothalonil, thiophanate-methyl, and imidacloprid, have become a basic need in the local market. Thanks to the year-long cultivation in Southeast Asian market, Pilarquim has gained a number of loyal customers, who grow together with Pilarquim. These loyal customers have played an important role of a solid foundation for establishment of the Pilarquim brand.


Focus on crop&product


Paddy is the largest planted crop variety in Southeast Asian countries, which is also the largest pesticide consumer market. Pilarquim has designed a total solution tailored to this market, covering key products, such as rice fungicide PILARPRO, rice insecticide PILARTA, and rice herbicide PILARFOP. Before product registration, Pilarquim’s marketing team would undertake careful research into local cropcare market and would conduct prior field trials. The figure below shows Pilarquim team following up the field trial test of PILARTA in Indonesia.



Figure 1: Pilarquim team following up the field trial test of PILARTA in Indonesia
(a) Refers to the results of test. Rice field on the left is a control group and rice field on the right is a test group. The Figure reveals good growth of rice in the test group and reduced yield in the control group due to viral transmission caused by outbreak of rice plant hopper.

(b) Photo of Pilarquim team with local distributor and lab personnel.


Benefited by good climate condition, large area of fruits and vegetables also are grow in Southeast Asian countries, which provide good chances for Pilarquim’s 2 flagship products, PILARTEP (Pyraclostrobin + Tebuconazole) and PILARCLOTRIN (Lambda-cyhalothrin +Cclothianidin). PILARTEP not only provides fruits and vegetables with excellent prevention and control effect against fungal diseases but also increases yield with leaves greener and fruits glossier. PILARCLOTRIN, with fast-acting property, utilizes the advanced ZC formulation to provide a broad-spectrum and long-lasting insecticidal effect. 


Pilarquim believes that establishing its own brand in Southeast Asian countries should not only be by relying on the services provided to distributors, but the technical service needs to be extended to farmers, which will bring them good yield and income.

Compared with other vendors in China, Pilarquim has the advantage of rich experience in pesticide sales in the Chinese local market. Through a number of field visits and interviews with farmers and retailers, Pilarquim can understand the pest and disease situation of each region and the exact needs of farmers. Then, it would utilize and share with local counterparts their experiences in China. 


Figure 2: Pilarquim team working on market survey and promotion in Southeast Asia

(a) Pilarquim team investigating the tough pest and disease issues related to local mango plantation.

(b) Pilarquim team publicizing product details with retailers in Myanmar

(c) Pilarquim team conducting research into the product structure of Myanmar retailers and making proposals for pesticide applications according to local pest and disease characteristics.


There is fierce competition in Southeast Asian market, which is, however, a promising market with great future prospects. Supported by its earlier present basic products, Pilarquim is determined to develop innovative and differentiated products to shape a high-end brand image. Pilarquim holds the view that only a brand that is rooted deep down in the heart of farmers will gain a foothold in cropcare market of Southeast Asia.