Pilarquim Brazil: Consolidating and looking for a new generation of crop protection products
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By Flavio Losada – Country Manager Brazil of Pilarquim 

Pilarquim Brazil's history started in 1995, with the foundation of the company, and since the beginning, the company was considering pioneering; at that time, only a few companies from China were looking at the international market. The 1st product registration in Brazil completed 20 years ago in 1999 (Pilarsato 480 SL Glyphosate), and Pilarquim is year after year consolidating its position in the market, with great experience in Brazil. 



The company has eight registrations in Brazil, another 27 registrations ongoing (in queue with the ministries), and more than 20 new projects, always with a focus on providing better solutions to Brazilian farmers.


Pilarquim understands the farmers' needs very well, and the company continues investing in R&D, products development and safe technology formulations.



Last year, Pilarquim Brazil changed the office in Brazil from Alphaville to São Paulo, in Pinheiros neighborhood, a much more convenient location for the Brazilian team and clients. 



The company has a good portfolio for the main crops in Brazil (soybean, corn, cotton, sugarcane, citrus, fruits and vegetables and peanuts), and continues developing partners and solutions in Brazil. 


Pilarquim developed a strong position over some molecules in Brazil, such as Chlorothalonil, and in 2018, Pilarquim consolidated the number 3 position in the market, with brands Ichiban and Pilarich, and in the near future, the company is going to have a third brand (Dazin).


With a focus on providing solutions to the market, especially for soybean rusty, the company is developing a unique mixture for the Brazilian market, and in partnership with EMBRAPA, the company is testing the product in the season 2018/2019 in 20 different places across Brazil. This fungicide with systemic action mode is indicated for the crops of potato, beans, watermelon, soybean, tomato and wheat.


Brazilian agriculture has many challenges, and for sure, Pilarquim is going to contribute with better solutions to the farmers.


In 2019, the company target will continue growing, with more people on the field, and a strong product development.