Pilarquim, leading the way in Peruvian agriculture
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According to the global trend in reducing chemical load of pesticides on crops, Pilarquim, a multinational company dedicated to crop protection, has been making efforts to promote technological innovation in the formulation of chemical products that increase efficiency in pest and diseases control, also worrying that they are of low toxicity for both humans and the environment.

In Peru, Pilarquim has been carrying out a lot of field trials together with its main commercial partners and with renowned Peruvian professionals who advise the main producers of the national export agro-industry, as well as large producers of consumer crops for the local market.

By the middle of this year, 2020, Pilarquim expects to be able to launch a series of highly differentiated products on the market, which may become the main chemical control tools within an integrated pest and disease management in national agriculture. These products are:

Armageddon agricultural insecticide (Lambda-cyhalothrin 135g/L + Clothianidin 145g/L ZC) is a mixture of two active ingredients, which is specially formulated to control a wide spectrum of pests, which thanks to its innovative ZC formulation, which is characterized by having a suspension of microcapsules that gives it the advantage of a controlled release of the active molecule, giving a prolonged effect of stability, high resistance to environmental degradation, less toxicity and less damage to human health. Since February 2020, Pilarquim has been installing various trials in rice fields in order to demonstrate the effectiveness in controlling the main pest of the crop, named after many farmers for being the only insect capable of transmitting the Virus of the White Leaf (HBV) in any of its stages of development: nymph or adult, call it “Sogata”. The results show greater efficiency in the control of Sogata compared to the most widely used insecticides on the market, but above all, a longer control period can be noted, since 10 days after application it is evident that the commercial controls begin to increase the pest populations again, while in the Pilarquim treatment with Armegedon this does not happen, but on the contrary, the trend continues to be the decrease in individuals. This shows that with Armegedon you can reduce the amount of applications and chemicals (many times farmers make mixtures of up to 5 to 6 actives in tanks) and achieve strong control against the main rice pests.



Zodiac agricultural fungicide (Tebuconazole 230g/L + Pyraclostrobin 115g/L SC) is a mixture of two active ingredients that allows it to act both preventively and curatively. Zodiac has a formulation quality that allows it to easily differentiate itself from other competitors, for example, it has a smaller particle size below the market average, which allows it to be absorbed by the plant with greater efficiency and, on the other hand, it contains dispersing agents in its formulation that decrease the surface tension of the mixture, providing greater dispersing power on the surface of the plant tissue. At the beginning of this year, various trials were installed on the main crops in the Peruvian market, such as rice and grapes, in order to highlight the efficiency of Zodiac in controlling the main foliar diseases that affect these crops. In the case of rice, some trials were installed in areas suffering from Pyricularia disease with the objective to compare the performance of Zodiac against the products that farmers usually use. The results were surprising, not only was there greater control of the disease, but also it was also possible to see greener and healthier leaves, together with an improvement in the yield and quality of the harvest. Similar results were obtained in the tests on export table grapes, where control over “powdery mildew” was evaluated over a period of 14 days, finding not only a greater control but also a greening effect on both the leaf and the rachis of the bunch. With these results in the field, there is a lot of expectation on the part of the farmers and advisers who have already proven it to await the commercial launch of Zodiac.


Finally, the agricultural fungicide Pilarcanil (Cyprodinil 65g/L + Boscalid 220g/L SC) is a mixture of two powerful assets that together present an important synergy in the control of Botrytis for a series of crops that are affected by this terrible disease. The trials have installed in table grapes in the "superior" variety in the pre-harvest stage, which due to environmental conditions (high precipitation) led to the appearance of a disease complex consisting mainly of Botrytis and Aspergillus, which ends up irreversibly damaging to the bunch in terms of its export quality. 

The results of Pilarcanil were surprising, mainly because they not only managed to stop the disease and protect the bunches that didn’t yet have symptoms of the disease complex, but also because compared to the products that the farmer usually uses in this last stage to control disease that attack in pre-harvest, Pilarcanil did so with a lower chemical load due to the synergistic effect of its two components, which ends up being of vital importance especially for producers who export their harvest to fussy international markets. The trials will continue once the 2020-2021 table grape campaign is reactivated, this time the trials will be carried out with the aim of evaluating the performance of Pilarcanil in the control of botrytis and powdery mildew, in earlier applications such as the stage, flowering.

At Pilarquim we are concerned with designing products that can really facilitate the management of pests and diseases for farmers around the world. In Peru, the company has had an auspicious start to field activities. Once the records are obtained, Pilarquim Peru will invite farmers, shops, and agricultural professionals together with its business partners to learn more about the company, its products, and the projects that are to come to Peru.