Pilarquim takes root in the Colombian market by launching innovative differentiated products
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The brand operation strategy of the independent registration of Pilarquim in the Colombian market has a history of 26 years. Since the beginning of 2017, when a large number of new product registrations began in Colombia, Pilarquim Colombia has mainly been focusing on implementing its market access strategy for new products, as well as a demonstration plan for products to be launched in 2020.

The Colombian agrochemical market, valued at US$600 million (distributor level) is highly competitive, with a strong presence of the main global players, as well as a growing trend of generic players. Given the high diversity of crops, the distribution channel is highly fragmented; however, there are some distributors with national coverage. The market access strategy designed by Pilarquim is mainly focused on selling products through distributors with good market coverage and who can reach the farmer directly. For products that go to more specialized markets, Pilarquim is negotiating with companies that can generate good demand in the field.

The results obtained this year have been very promising. Pilarquim established a commercial alliance with one of the most important agrochemical and fertilizer distributors in Colombia. Pilarquim has managed to significantly increase the sales of its traditional portfolio—Pilarquat (Paraquat SL), Pilarmate (Methomyl SP), Pilarstar (Glufosinate-ammonium SL), Pilarsato (Glyphosate SL), Pilarmectin (Abamectin EC), etc., as well as realize the first sales of Pilarpro (Propiconazole + Azoxystrobin SE) and Pilaround (Glyphosate 757 SG). 

Pilarpro will be launched during the main season of rice. From June, the Llanos Orientales zone will be the place to introduce this fantastic product in Colombia. At the same time, Pilaround (Glyphosate 757SG) will be launched for rice and other important crops around the country.



In order to strengthen the introduction of new products to the market, Pilarquim has been carrying out an aggressive demonstration plan for the products to be launched in 2020, including Pilarpro (Propiconazole + Azoxystrobin SE), Pilartep (Tebuconazole + Pyraclostrobin SC), Pilarcanil (Cyprodinil + Boscalid SC), Pilarclotrin (Lambda-Cyhalothrin + Clothianidin ZC), Pilarzox (Cymoxanil + Cyazofamid SC), Pilarxanil (Dimethomorph + Cymoxanil DF) and Belamo (Thidiazuron SL). The main objective of these demo plots is to showcase the performance of these products to key farmers, dealers and the sales team. 

Pilarquim's goal this year is to launch at least seven new products, establish strong commercial alliances and significantly increase the sale of traditional products. The high quality of products, the reliable supply pipeline and the introduction plan of the new portfolio are key factors that inspire confidence that Pilarquim will overcome the proposed challenges.