Innovation as priority and supporting pesticide intelligent manufacturing: Pilar to create global first-class R&D center
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The Pilar Research and Development Center is a business division established following the restructuring of research, analysis and testing agencies of Beijing Mindleader, Beijing Mirrosyn, Jiangsu Mindleader, Pilarquim (Shanghai), Jass Biotech and Pilarcise. 


The office and main laboratory facilities are located in the Corporate Headquarters Base of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, branches are also set up in Zhongguancun Life Science Park of Beijing and Pilar’s production bases in Jiangsu Province. The R & D Center covers departments and laboratories of pesticide formulation research, adjuvant development and application, quality assurance, process research, pesticide residue GLP determination, pesticide physicochemical GLP analysis, as well as a pesticide bioassay laboratory in preparation. 


The center attaches importance to talent development and infrastructure construction – more than 50 technical staff members with profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience; a senior consultant team, comprising senior experts in pesticide, plant protection and medicine industries, is a permanent treasure house of the R & D Center; an amount of RMB 30 million, which has been spent on purchases of internationally advanced research, analysis and testing instruments, serves as an advanced research platform.


The center insists on innovation as it is committed to the development of internationally advanced formulations. It focuses on formulation-related research, innovation, optimization and technical standard development. It also focuses on agriculture-oriented adjuvant development, agricultural product analysis, testing and process optimization as well as research into the pesticide production process and application techniques. It has accumulated rich experience, with a good command of distinctive technology which backs up Pilar’s constant innovation capability. 


The R & D Center adheres to a differentiated development strategy, focusing on the development of safe and environment-friendly formulations, having gained rich experience in research, development and production of leading-edge formulations such as Microcapsule Suspension, Dry Flowable, Oil-based Suspension Concentrate, Suspension Concentrate and Seed Treatment as well as adjuvant. It is worth noting that the microcapsule-related research of the center has been at an advanced stage. The research covers basic theoretical research, formulation research such as screening of method of formulation, selection of a capsule wall based on expected efficacy and usage, pilot production of a microcapsule, mass production, technology industrialization and applications. 


At present, the commercialized microcapsule products cover insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, which are highly recognized by customers and users. Meanwhile, new microcapsule products are being developed constantly. It is estimated that by 2023 more than 20 microcapsule products will be released into the market, where the number, output, advancement in technology and stability of the products are expected to reach a prominent level nationally and internationally.


In addition to the advanced formulation type, the center has begun to work hard on the research of a synergistic adjuvants, aerial application-oriented adjuvant and a nano pesticide. To improve efficacy and reduce application dosage, the center has made great efforts on research, development, production and application to maximize the efficacy of products that will fulfill a user’s needs to the greatest extent. The effort being made will accelerate the whole process of product development, beginning from the laboratory and ending up in the release to the market. This is an effort of Pilar to contribute to China's “reduction of usage and increase of efficiency” initiative.


At present, the center has accomplished commercialization of more than 100 technologic achievements, having filed for over 100 invention patents, 30 of which has been authorized. Also, the R & D Center has participated in two national key research programs under the framework of China’s 13th Five Year Plan. The advanced infrastructure, an efficient work team, the joint venture business model, the proactive thinking and the complete R & D system make the center full of vitality, thus providing strong support for the rapid development of Pilar Group.