Building Chinese National Crop Protection Brand – 60th anniversary of Pilarquim celebrated in Jiangsu, China
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In Jiangsu, China, October 20th, 2021, the 60th anniversary celebration ceremony of Pilarquim was held, participated by leaders and experts of Jiangsu Pesticide Station, Shanghai Fertilizer and Pesticide Industry Association, National Agrotechnology Extension and Service Center, China Agricultural University, Institute of Plant Protection of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences as well as excellent suppliers, distributors and partners of Pilarquim. 




The 60th anniversary celebration ceremony of Pilarquim


60-year journey, adhering to the initial objective - Building Chinese National Crop Protection Brand


In the speech at the ceremony, Deng Jianping, Director of Jiangsu Pesticide Station, Li Xinsheng, Board Chairman of Limin Group on behalf excellent suppliers, both expressed warm congratulations on the achievements of the 60-year development of Pilarquim, saying that Pilarquim plays a good role in the pesticide formulation innovation in China, which is fully recognized among the industry. 


At the ceremony, Mu Canxian, Chairman of Pilarquim, Robert Tsai, the Vice Chairman of Pilarquim, gave a review of the development history of the company. Pilarquim was founded in 1961, being dedicated to business development in Taiwan, South Asia and South America. Since 2017, Pilarquim were merged with Mindleader, started a “New Era” of development. New Pilarquim always adheres to its initial objective – Building Chinese National Crop Protection Brand. Through the innovative development, technical breakthrough and application of microcapsule formulations, Chinese high-quality formulation brands are successfully promoted to the world by Pilarquim. 



Mu Canxian, Chairman of Pilar Group made speech


Robert Tsai, Vice Chairman of Pilarquim made speech through video


Intelligently-Made Crop Protection Product - Innovative microcapsule products being constantly upgraded


Microcapsule product is an environment-friendly type of pesticide, with lower dosage and a smaller number of applications, which is an effective means to achieve the goal of reduction of pesticide-use and increase of efficiency. 


Microcapsule technology is core competitiveness of Pilarquim. At the ceremony, Liu Runfeng, Director of R&D Center of Pilarquim, gave an introduction to the new PILARCLOTRIN and other microcapsule products of Pilarquim. New PILARCLOTRIN is an upgraded microcapsule product applied with the latest technologies. These technologies include the use of nano-adjuvant and capsule wall material, the use of algae extracts to modify and upgrade the capsule wall material, the use of ester solvents to replace aromatic hydrocarbon solvents. This solves the problem of contact hypersensitivity in the use of lambda-cyhalothrin as well as generation of irritating odor. Hence, the product quality and user experience are improved constantly. Up to date, based on lambda-cyhalothrin, s-metolachlor, prochloraz and abamectin, Pilarquim has developed 4 major microcapsule series covering fungicide, insecticide, herbicide and seed treatment product. 



Liu Runfeng, Director of R&D Center of Pilar Group made presentation


According to Yang Zhengxian, Deputy Director of Marketing Department of Pilarquim, new product development of Pilarquim has been arranged to take place up to 2026. Guided by the product innovation strategy of “excellence, differentiation, sustained stability and upgrading”, Pilarquim is striving to become leading innovative formulation brand in the world.



Yang Zhengxian, Deputy Director of Marketing Department of Pilar Group made presentation


Adherence to the “customer-centric” core values, aiming to achieve RMB 1.2 billion target


Regarding development in the future, Pilarquim will always adhere to the “customer-centric” core values, no matter how the markets change, Pilarquim will work closely with strategic customers; will build sustainable and long-term relation with all parties on a win-win basis; will get brand of Pilarquim deep down into the heart of end users; and will provide partners with superior products and services.


In the future, Pilarquim will make further investment in research and development, which ensure continuous product innovation and upgrading. It is disclosed that Pilarquim will maintain spending of 4% of annual sales on R&D, 10-plus new registrations in China and 200-plus registrations worldwide each year as well as spending of 3% of annual sales on brand development. By the end of 2023, sales of Pilarquim are expected to exceed RMB 1.2 billion. 



The lauching ceremony of three-year strategy of Pilar Group


Chinese agrochemical companies have risen rapidly on global agrochemical market in past ten years. They are achieving remarkable results in the value chain positioning of terminals and brands. The existence of companies like Pilarquim has proved that Chinese companies are undoubtedly capable of innovation. We look forward to next exciting 60 years of Pilarquim, and also believe that in the global agricultural market in the future, Chinese companies will be able to undertake the missions of creation and innovation.



Reported by Mickey Shan