Backed by superior quality, Pilarquim’s products are included in China’s ‘Green and High-quality Pesticide List’
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To facilitate an increase of crop yield and output, improve the quality of agricultural products, safeguard food safety and security, and to help the green and high-quality development of agriculture, Pilarquim has been making constant innovations and developing novel environment-friendly and efficient pesticide formulations.

After a comprehensive evaluation by experts organized by the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA), followed by public notification, Pilarquim’s PILARGOLD® (S-metolachlor 45% SC) and PILARZOX® (Cyazofamid + Cymoxanil 24% SC) have been included in China’s ″Green and high-quality Pesticide List.″



PILARGOLD is one of the core herbicides in Pilarcore brand. It kills grasses mainly by s-metolachlor being absorbed by the coleoptiles and young buds of germinated weeds. PILARGOLD is safe for a variety of crops, including peanut, corn, cotton, soybean, melon, potato and sugarcane. PILARGOLD utilizes Pilarcore's unique 'wait-to-weed' technology, which results in a lower ingredient content than standard formulations during application. However, it also provides better sealing effects and longer-lasting effectiveness compared to emulsion products. PILARGOLD provides a safer option compared to traditional amide herbicides and is an excellent alternative for replacing them.



PILARZOX, Pilarquim’s leading fungicide, exhibits remarkable efficacy against downy mildew and late blight caused by oomycetes.  On the one hand, cyazofamid has both curative and protective functions, effectively killing fungi and inducing the crop's antibodies against downy mildew and late blight, which results in a longer-lasting effect. Cymoxanil, on the other hand, is highly penetrable and systemic, taking effect on fungi within 15 seconds of contact with the drug. Within three hours, the mold layer collapses, and within 12 hours, it starts to dry up. Moreover, the two active ingredients are not prone to resistance. PILARZOX is a highly effective fungicide used to control downy mildew and late blight. Even in cases where the diseases have already spread significantly, it can still effectively treat and prevent further damage. It can be considered a strong line of defense against these diseases and has gained high recognition among growers in various countries.  

Pilarquim's Pilarcore technology utilizes macromolecular organic materials and a microcapsule preparation technique to encapsulate chemical pesticide molecules. This innovative approach enhances the lasting effect of pesticide formulations by providing balanced control via rapid and slow release. By optimizing the release of the active ingredients, Pilarcore technology offers improved efficacy and longer-lasting protection against pests and disease. Compared with traditional pesticides, this technology reduces the time of pesticide applications, lowers agricultural costs, and is an effective measure for reducing pesticide usage while increasing efficiency.