Pilarbio Group Negotiates School-Enterprise Cooperation with Yunnan Agricultural University
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On April 23, 2023, Pilarbio Group held negotiations with Yunnan Agricultural University in Kunming. The two parties engaged in in-depth discussions on matters such as jointly establishing a pesticide formulation laboratory, collaborating on upland rice research projects, and fostering school-enterprise cooperation.


Pilarbio Group is a specialized agricultural chemical enterprise engaged in research, development, production, sales, and marketing services in the field of pesticide formulations, boasting extensive experience. Yunnan Agricultural University is a nationally recognized "Double First-Class" university with strong research capabilities in agriculture, biology, and plant protection.



Chairman Mu Canxian of Pilarbio Group and Honorary President Academician Zhu Youyong of Yunnan Agricultural University posed for a photo.


Both parties expressed their commitment to leveraging their respective strengths for deep collaboration in pesticide formulation research, production, and application. In the joint construction of the pesticide formulation laboratory, they plan to establish a comprehensive laboratory integrating research, production, and testing to provide robust technical support for the development, production, and application of pesticide formulations.


Regarding the upland rice project, Pilarbio Group will contribute funding and provide support for crop protection solutions, while Yunnan Agricultural University will take responsibility for breeding new upland rice varieties and conducting research on planting techniques. Both parties aim to work together to contribute to the development of upland rice in Yunnan and the entire country, making significant contributions to ensuring stable food production in China.


In terms of school-enterprise cooperation, the two parties intend to establish a long-term and stable partnership, collaborating in talent cultivation, scientific research, and technology transfer to jointly nurture high-quality talents and promote the transformation of scientific achievements.


The successful holding of this negotiation meeting has laid a solid foundation for the collaboration between the two parties. Pilarbio Group will leverage its industrial advantages to support the research activities of Yunnan Agricultural University. The university, in turn, will use its talent and discipline advantages to assist Pilarbio Group in technological innovation. Both parties commit to strengthening communication and cooperation in future work, facilitating the implementation of collaborative projects and actively contributing to the high-quality development of agriculture in China.


Mr. Mu Canxian, Chairman of Pilarbio Group and a native of Yunnan, expressed his hope that through this collaboration, they can provide new momentum for the agricultural development of his hometown, enabling more farmers to lead better lives.